Condom Sense: Condoms plus the Atmosphere

Therefore you are smart more than enough to  observe secure sexual intercourse (blocking both equally being pregnant and STDs) by thoroughly working with a condom. But what do you do using the condom after you are finished with it? Here are several hints on environmentally-friendly condom disposal.

To start with, really don’t flush your condoms, ever! Flushing condoms is just not the way to handle them. Condoms can clog the plumbing within your dwelling (or the plumbing wherever you happen to generally be). This tends to be an expensive and embarrassing scenario. In the event the condom manages to really make it via your septic technique, it is going to only find yourself with all the sound squander. Which means that someone has to pull it from the sewage remedy, which is not pleasant for any individual. The condom may even allow it to be previous the treatment method plant. This is simply not great because it means that it could turn out during the drinking water source, and also the very last thing we’d like is a lot more pollution in our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Not all condoms are made equally. Most condoms are made of latex, which means that they will biodegrade. Latex, however, won’t biodegrade when it truly is underneath water, which is why it really is not great to flush your employed condoms. Condoms are not entirely fabricated from latex, even so, as well as the other factors on condoms (spermicide, lubricant) could impact the biodegradability. The ideal possibility seems to be to send out them into a landfill and find out how they go the exam of time.

Some condoms, such as all female condoms, are made of polyurethane, a kind of plastic. These will not biodegrade. There is no selection, even so, except to put them within the rubbish, because your local recycling depot would not recycle utilised condoms. They will not even recycle new condoms.

Other condoms are created of lambskin. These are typically absolutely biodegradable condoms. Never run out and acquire lambskin condoms just still nevertheless! Lambskin condoms will not guard against sexually transmitted health conditions. The pores from the lambskin are sufficiently small to prevent sperm, and so avoid being pregnant, but the pores are substantial more than enough to let sexually transmitted conditions and bacterial infections as a result of. This selection is just feasible for individuals in monogamous relationships that have been analyzed for sexually transmitted illnesses. If this can be the circumstance, you could think about an even more eco-friendly barrier form of birth control for instance a diaphragm, cervical cap, or protect. Request your health care provider what’s very best for you.

Irrespective of what content of condom you employ (latex, polyurethane, or lambskin), you’re going to possess a wrapper to get rid of. These foil wrappers is not going to biodegrade, nor can they be recycled. This simply just has to be place while in the garbage.

Whether or not your latex or lambskin condoms are biodegradable, it is best not to attempt to compost or bury your condoms. Animals will odor the human scent and check out to dig up everything you have buried. Which means that there will be unpleasant applied condoms all around. Burying your condom is tantamount to littering: and you will discover far better methods to handle your condoms available.

So, in the long run, exactly what is the greatest technique to get rid of your condoms? The most beneficial issue should be to wrap it in a very bit of rest room paper or paper towel (or every other biodegradable product: consider paper bases like paper luggage) after which to place it within the rubbish. Never wrap your condom up in plastic, as then it unquestionably will never biodegrade. The good news is the semen and vaginal fluid on the condom certainly will biodegrade, and might facilitate the condom biodegrading.

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